Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Bump - Six Weeks!

Well, my tummy looks just like last week! I know six weeks is nothing, but I'm so anxious! Right now it's kind of like everything is the same as being not pregnant except I can't drink wine, eat sushi or have lox on my bagels. Still no morning sickness or anything really. I'm crossing my fingers on skipping that all together... Great, I probably jinxed myself.

Today was interesting... Charlie-dog, the cutest German shorthair pointer evaaaaar who we took care of  last month for our friends, went missing last night. We spent six hours today looking for him and he didn't turn up. They went to animal control and filed a report and everything. Hopefully someone will find him. Poor Charlie... That boy is so afraid of people. We are going out again tomorrow so wish us luck!!


Lauren said...

So much is happening in your belly at the moment even though it doesn't look like much is happening on the outside! Before you know it your belly will be much much bigger!


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