Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend Nails #12

I know it's a little plain, just black and white polka dots, but I wanted to do it ever since I got my dot tool. 

Today is another day searching for our friends dog, Charlie. I hope we find him today! I hope at least someone picks him up and takes him to the shelter so he isn't so cold and stuck in the rain... I feel so sad for my friends. It wasn't their fault he ran away either, some guys on post were fixing their fence and they just left the gate open! Jerks! I would be so sad if I lost kitty... I get nervous enough when she goes outside.

L.A. Colors - Energy Source
Sally Hansen - Black Diamond


Bri Towne said...

cute! polka dots are the friendliest print. and even cuter on nails :)

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