Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thrift Finds... Kitschy Kitties!

We went thrift shopping today and found a bunch of goodies! As promised I started collecting some kitty figurines. I found a interesting perfume bottle shaped like a kitty but it smelled like old lady so I didn't get it.

I found a cute, handmade coffee mug with kitties on it too! It is titled "Understanding Your Cat" and even has the name of the place it was made on the bottom. I absolutely love it. 

We found a couple of really nice art prints for the walls which I was surprised to find in a thrift shop. I like to look though the frames and pictures but the most I usually hope for is maybe some faux big-eyed paintings, so this was a nice thing to find.
We got a couple board games (Shots and Ladders Drinking Game and Seinfeld Scene It) a couple books and a funny duck shaped bottle opener made from a golf club.


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