Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Nails #4

I was trying really hard to quit picking my fingers. It's been a bad habit since I was a kid where I pick at my cuticle and bite the dry skin off. I did pretty good for a week, but then last week I went right back to what I normally do. I got a box of band aids and put one on almost every finger! It was really annoying to try to do anything with band aids on all your fingers, plus I would end up picking at the fingers without the band aids. The only solution that seems to work is either when Joe sees me doing it and tells me to stop (which is fine when I'm at home) or having acrylic nails put on. I can't really afford to have fake nails put on all the time and I don't always like how they look. I like my short nails! Also when I'm at work picking up garbage or working on vehicles it seems weird to have fancy fingernails.

Sinful Colors: Black Crackle
Sinful Colors: Sugar Sugar


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